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Core# configure terminal
Core(config)# vrf Green
Core(config-vrf)# exit
Core(config)# interface vlan 50
Core(config-if-vlan)# ?

Given the configuration on the CORE switch shown above, what command would follow to assign the switched virtual interface (SVI) vlan 50 to the VRF created?

  1. Core(config-if-vlan)# vrf attach Green
  2. Core(config-if-vlan)# ip vpn-instance Green
  3. Core(config-if-vlan)# ip vrf forwarding Green
  4. Core(config-if-vlan)# routing-context Green vrf

Answer(s): A

What is the login and password combination is used when first configuring an Aruba OS-CX switch from factory defaults?

  1. Login admin and password admin.
  2. Login admin and password field empty.
  3. Login admin and password forgetme!.
  4. Login admin and password password.

Answer(s): B


Which switch supports a maximum of 8 line-cards, 3 fabric modules, and 2 management cards?

  1. Aruba 8400
  2. Aruba 8408
  3. Aruba 6410
  4. Aruba 5412r

Answer(s): A


Match each network protocol to the correct default listening port and transport protocol. Not all answers will be used.

Select and Place:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

  1. Please refer to Exhibit B for the answer.

Answer(s): A

Free HPE6-A72 Exam Questions & Answers


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