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Core# configure terminal
Core(config)# vrf Green
Core(config-vrf)# exit
Core(config)# interface vlan 50
Core(config-if-vlan)# ?

Given the configuration on the CORE switch shown above, what command would follow to assign the switched virtual interface (SVI) vlan 50 to the VRF created?

  1. Core(config-if-vlan)# vrf attach Green
  2. Core(config-if-vlan)# ip vpn-instance Green
  3. Core(config-if-vlan)# ip vrf forwarding Green
  4. Core(config-if-vlan)# routing-context Green vrf

Answer(s): A

Refer to the exhibit.

Using the static IP address configured above, what is the converted binary value of the third octet assigned to the local interface?

  1. 11010101
  2. 10110001
  3. 01001011
  4. 11111000

Answer(s): A

Match the switching term to the correct definition.
Select and Place:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

  1. Please refer to Exhibit B for the answer.

Answer(s): A

What is the correct description of a Multi-Layer Switch?

  1. a switch with Layer 3 routing capabilities but lacks any Layer 1 features as a consequence
  2. any switch that supports PoE, LLDP-MED and Flow Control
  3. has all the functionality of a Layer 2 switch and most of the functionality of a Layer 3 router
  4. multi-Layer refers specifically to using chassis switches with several line cards over stack port switches

Answer(s): C

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