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What is true about VSX? (Choose two.)

  1. VSX is ideal for Campus access layer deployments where ease of deployment is needed.
  2. VSX allows upgrading members with near zero downtime or loss of packets.
  3. VSX is available on all Aruba OS-CX switches except the 6300F model.
  4. VSX is implemented on static port switches. VSX-plus needed to stack chassis together.
  5. VSX run separate control planes to reduce latency and improve performance.

Answer(s): B,E

Refer to the exhibit.

What change on Core-1 will result in a successful ping to from the management interface?

  1. Use the command ping vrf mgmt
  2. Use the command ping
  3. Change the Core-1 management address to first
  4. The destination requires configuring a static route

Answer(s): A

ServiceOS login: admin
SVOS> password
Enter password: ********
Confirm password: ********

The login password to access an Aruba AOS-CX was lost. After connecting to the switch console port, a reboot is performed and the Service OS console is accessed as shown above.

What is the default password that is required for the admin account while under the Service OS console?

  1. No password is set for this account.
  2. "password"
  3. "forgetme!"
  4. The same login password that has lost originally.

Answer(s): C


Refer to the exhibit.

The Aruba 8400 in the exhibit is member 2 of a VSX stack.
Which command will enter the interface sub configuration mode for the port, indicated by the orange square?

  1. 8400(config)# interface 2/4/15
  2. 8400(config)# interface 1/7/16
  3. 8400(config)# interface 1/4/15
  4. 8400(config)# interface 2/3/17

Answer(s): A

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