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What are two features of the three-tier designs? (Choose two.)

  1. removes the distribution layer in favor of a spine-leaf design used in modern data center deployments
  2. adds a distribution layer to free up resources from the Core for improved performance and routing throughput
  3. a more scalable design over by leveraging a distribution layer to handle Layer 3 routing and access control in large deployments
  4. uses only Layer 2 access on the Access and the Core with Layer 3 routing and access control provided at the distribution layer
  5. is considered legacy by requiring a large flat layer-two broadcast domain from Core to Access and should be avoided

Answer(s): B,C

Refer to the exhibit.

The above scenario shows a packet from the Server destined for the Firewall. Switch-A and Switch-B are bundled as VSF stack. The LAG between the VSF stack and the firewall indicates a hash function to forward the packet on port 2/1/2.

Which statement is true regarding how Switch-A will forward the packet?

  1. Switch-A will forward the packet on port 1/1/2. VSF will override the typical LAG hash function used for the physical interface selection.
  2. Switch-A will drop the packet. Multi-Chassis lag to multi-chassis lag is not a supported feature of VSF.
  3. Switch-A will encapsulate the packet using GRE to forward to Switch-B in order for the packet to egress on port 2/1/2 per the hash function.
  4. Switch-A will forward the packet along the VSF link to Switch-B so that it will egress on port 2/1/2 per the hash function.

Answer(s): D

Match each description to the correct term.
Select and Place:

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

  1. Please refer to Exhibit B for the answer.

Answer(s): A

The section in blue can be ignored.

SW1(config)# interface 1/1/1-1/1/2
SW1(config-if-<1/1/1-1/1/2)# vlan access 2
SW1(config-if-<1/1/1-1/1/2)# exit
SW1(config)# interface 1/1/11-1/1/17
SW1(config-if-<1/1/11-1/1/17)# vlan access 17
SW1(config-if-<1/1/11-1/1/17)# exit

After completing the above commands, what is the expected output of show vlan with no other vlan commanded having been added?

Answer(s): D

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