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Refer to the exhibit.


The command show LLDP neighbor-info gets typed into Access-1. All switches are Aruba OS-CX switches. What is the output of this command?

Answer(s): D

Which command will suppress LLDP messages from egressing on a given port while still allowing LLDP to be enabled on the switch?

  1. switch(config-if)# no lldp interface (port) transmit
  2. switch(config-if)# no lldp transmit
  3. switch(config-if)# no lldp receive
  4. switch(config)# no lldp

Answer(s): B

What is the process where a compute device converts logical data bits into the correct physical representation depending on the media?

  1. Demodulation
  2. Modulation
  3. Propagation
  4. Encapsulation

Answer(s): D

Which two statements are true regarding Checkpoints on Aruba switches? (Choose two.)

  1. Rolling back to a prior checkpoint triggers a reboot of the switch.
  2. Stacking switches using VSF or VSX will disable the Checkpoint feature.
  3. A checkpoint is a snapshot of the running-configuration and relevant metadata at the time the checkpoint was created.
  4. System-generated checkpoints are created after a configuration change and 5 minutes of inactivity.
  5. Checkpoints are available on AOS 5400R switches, as well as on all AOS-CX switches.

Answer(s): C,E

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