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Huawei computing virtualization supports the borrowing of memory pages between different virtual machines, and releases idle virtual machines to virtual machines with higher memory usage, thereby improving memory utilization:

  1. Memory sharing
  2. Memory replacement
  3. Memory bubbles
  4. All of the above

Answer(s): C

The usage scenario description of the virtual machine rule group in FusionSphere is appropriately:

  1. Set virtual machines that must run on a unified physical machine as mutually exclusive virtual machines
  2. Set the virtual machine running in standby mode as an aggregated virtual machine
  3. Deploy different applications in a unified virtual machine group, which is called virtual machine to host
  4. Set two virtual machines running in load balancing mode as mutually exclusive virtual machines

Answer(s): D

FusionSphere quotes products based on the number of physical CPUs and virtual machines

  1. Wrong
  2. Right

Answer(s): A

With the development of cloud computing, the pace of cloud data center construction has not been accelerated, and the traditional data center construction model is not affected by cloud computing technology.

  1. Yes
  2. Wrong

Answer(s): B

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