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Performance management service is a "platform + service" model, providing network and application performance management service solutions.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer(s): A

What are the advantages of Co-Care service (----------------) (multiple choice)

  1. Based on the original maintenance delivery management standards, Co-Care field service delivery is more standardized
  2. Quick access to original factory resources, including platforms, IT tools, and advanced expert resources
  3. Rich localized delivery resources familiar with the customer's business

Answer(s): A,B,C

Typical application scenarios for SmArtMigrAtion to achieve data migration are ( (multiple choice)

  1. Combined with smArtVirtuAlizAtion features, the storage system is upgraded
  2. Tune business performance
  3. Tune for business reliability
  4. Adjust the type of LUN to meet the changes in requirements in business operation

Answer(s): A,B,C,D

The industry customer network environment is complex, the business is not the same, the demand for training courses is not the same, in the case of standardized courses do not meet customer needs, Huawei training and certification services can provide customized training for customers to confirm delivery?

  1. Customized training proposals
  2. Equipment BOQ and quotation
  3. Standard Course Training Proposal
  4. Bid and customer needs list

Answer(s): A

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