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GSM-R Evaluates and Optimizes the Value of Services:

  1. Quickly improve network performance
  2. Difficult problem analysis and positioning
  3. Optimize safeguards in key areas
  4. Transfer of knowledge and skills
  5. Save on maintenance expenses

Answer(s): A,B,C,D

What kind of verification can the IP network evaluation and optimization service perform on the optimization and transformation plan?

  1. Field
  2. Penetration verification
  3. Offensive and defensive testing
  4. 1:1 authentication

Answer(s): D

The DC RAinBow tool must initially determine whether a host can be migrated, and the information that must be confirmed includes: (Multiple choice)

  1. The bokeh platform type at the source
  2. The OS type of the host to be migrated
  3. The startup mode and disk format of the host to be migrated
  4. The underlying hardware model of the source-side virtualization platform

Answer(s): A,B,C

The following (----------------) belongs to the self-developed products of the energy base product line (multiple choice)

  1. NEtECo monitoring system
  2. Ups
  3. Air conditioning between rows
  4. Chillers

Answer(s): A,B,C

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