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Project bidding is an open economic activity, so information should be released in an open manner.

  1. True
  2. False

Answer(s): A

What is the following description of the IP Network Planning and Design Service incorrect? (Multiple choice)

  1. Focus on stock networks
  2. Do not undertake friendly business equipment
  3. Enhance product competitiveness
  4. Extended market short

Answer(s): A,B

What are the advantages of remote O&M management compared with traditional O&M? (Multiple choice)

  1. Real-time monitoring, automatic protection
  2. Centralized O&M, reducing manpower investment
  3. Cloud fault experience library
  4. Network operations rely on field engineers
  5. NOC expert consultation, more efficient processing efficiency

Answer(s): A,B,C,E

Which of the following after-sales test tools is WLAN Planning and Design Service?

  1. Ensp
  3. WLAN DNS3
  4. WLAN Tester

Answer(s): D

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