Free C1000-118 Exam Braindumps

A customer has defined a requirement to enable all virtual server instances in the proposed VPC to be able to access automatic operating system updates via the
Internet. What is required to provide this functionality?

  1. A subscription to the IBM Auto Update proxy service
  2. Each server must have a Floating IP address
  3. The pre-defined Automatic Updates Security Group must be enabled
  4. Each subnet must have a Public Gateway

Answer(s): B

What is the charging model for IBM Cloud Object Storage Standard Tier?

  1. The charge is based on the size of the Storage Class Standard Tier configuration
  2. The charge is calculated based on the amount of data stored and retrieved
  3. The charge is calculated only based on the amount of data retrieved
  4. The charge is calculated only based on the amount of data stored

Answer(s): D

Select the unique key features of Hyper Protect Crypto Services on the IBM Cloud?

  1. Built on IBM Red Hat OpenShift technology, on single-tenant key management service with key vaulting provided by dedicated customer-controlled HSM
  2. Hyper Protect Crypto Services provide state-of-the-art encryption using DM-CRYPT
  3. Hyper Protect Crypto Services can integrate with other any other Cloud provider services so as to manage key access, log and monitor security events, and support compliance requirements
  4. IBM Cloud administrators have no access and it provides FIPS 140-2 Level 4-certified hardware

Answer(s): A

Database for PostgreSQL is an example of which type of database?

  1. Key-value
  2. Graph
  3. Document
  4. Object-relational

Answer(s): D

For File Storage Configuration, what are jumbo frames?

  1. Network Frames that manage payload communication
  2. Ethernet Frames with a large payload that is used on local area networks
  3. Ethernet Frames used to manage payload configuration
  4. Local Virtual Frames that are used for network communication

Answer(s): B