Free C2040-913 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C2040-913
  • Provider: IBM
  • Questions: 85
  • Updated On: 2-Dec-2022

Parker is a Lotus Web Content Management administrator. Sadie is a content contributor who
creates and manages content. When looking through versions of a content item, which of the
following functionality is available only to Parker?

A. Delete
B. Preview
C. Label
D. Restore as published

Answer(s): D
Which option best describes how you remove content items from site areas that it is linked to?

A. Delete the linked content to remove all the links.
B. Using the Remove Links button, select a site area and click Remove Links. Then, select the
content items that you would like to remove.
C. Using the Link To button, select the content items to remove links from, then click Link To.
Select the site area that you would like to remove a link from and then click Remove.
D. Either B or C

Answer(s): D
Marcel is the administrator for a web content management server. The Marketing department
wants to version all content that they create. What must Marcel do to allow the Marketing
department to version content?

A. Nothing, versioning is automatically enabled.
B. Marcel must enter this URL in a browser:
C. An administrator must modify the file and add the following line:
D. Marcel must enter this URL in a browser:

Answer(s): A
Eve is the Public Relations Manager for AT Corporation. She needs to post a new Event content
object to their website. At some point in the future, the Event must be removed from the live
website, however it should not be deleted from the repository. Who can accomplish this task,
and how can the task be accomplished?

A. An editor can click the Restart Workflow button.
B. An approver can click the Restart Workflow button.
C. An editor can click the Next Stage button to move the document to the next stage in the