Free C2040-920 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C2040-920
  • Provider: IBM
  • Questions: 111
  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

What is a portal farm?

A. A portal farm is a series of portal clusters used in high availability production environments.
B. A portal farm refers to a series of identical y configured, standalone server instances.
C. A portal farm is an edition of WebSphere Portal customized for the agricultural industry.
D. A portal farm is a setup of servers that are tightly coupled for failover and recovery.

Answer(s): B
Monica is working with clients to architect the security of their new portal, which is a two- server
clustered environment. Her client stores employee accounts in Microsoft Active Directory, and
customer accounts in IBM Tivoli Directory Server. Both employees and customers must be able
to log in to the portal. Which of the following statements is correct?

A. The client must move all accounts into a single directory, and either of the two directory
servers are appropriate.
B. The client should have one cluster member use Active Directory for authentication, and the
other cluster member use Tivoli Directory Server.
C. The client must use distinct virtual portals for each of the two type of users (employee or
customer) to handle this scenario.
D. It is acceptable to have multiple directory servers used for authentication for all servers in a
single cluster.

Answer(s): D
Jeremy has connected his WebSphere Portal instance to an IBM Tivoli Directory Server
repository for authentication purposes. However, while the majority of users are able to
authenticate, certain users are not able to. Jeremy confirmed that the users are attempting to
authenticate with the correct user ID and password. What is the most likely cause of this issue?

A. The users should log in with an email address instead of a user ID.
B. The location of the accounts in the LDAP tree is outside the scope of where WebSphere
Portal looks for accounts.
C. The accounts are not members of the Al Authenticated Portal Users group.
D. The LDAP bind password is configured incorrectly.

Answer(s): B
Jim is planning on setting up a Web Content Management System for his company internet and
intranet site. He does not want any of the users to perform authoring actions like creating or
editing content in this server. And he wants them to create/modify content in a separate
environment. Identify the best options that he can consider

A. The WCM content has to be created in the same server it is rendered from.