Free C2040-921 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C2040-921
  • Provider: IBM
  • Questions: 78
  • Updated On: 23-Jun-2022

Topic 1, Volume A

You have taken a position with a new company that has a large WebSphere Portal deployment
that is active. While reviewing the topology of web content libraries, you discover that users
have greater rights than necessary to a few components of the entire Human Resource library.
You need to restrict access to these few components while leaving the remainder of the Human
Resource web content library with the same security that is in place. Which of the following
types of security methodologies should you utilize to best achieve this goal?

A. Divided
B. Accrued
C. Additive
D. Subtractive

Answer(s): D
Security in WCM can be set at different levels - Content root, Library, Item Type, and at a more
granular security at the item level such as in a specific Site Area, Workflow Stage, etc. What is
the minimum access needed for a user at a library level to be able to select it under preferences
in the WCM authoring portlet?

A. User role
B. Privileged user role
C. Contributor role
D. Manager role

Answer(s): C
How do you enable the personalization resource cache for a specific resource collection?

A. Add rulesEngine.cache.enabled.collectionName to the file
where collectionName is name of the resource collection and set it to true.
B. Set rulesEngine.cache.enabled to true in the file.
C. You cannot enable or disable caching for a specific collection.
D. Set rulesEngine.collection.cache.enabled to collectionName in file where collectionName is name of the resource collection
and set to true.

Answer(s): A
A personalization campaign can best be used to implement which of the fol owing website