Free C2070-588 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C2070-588
  • Provider: IBM
  • Questions: 124
  • Updated On: 29-Sep-2022

Topic 1, Volume A

A developer has placed the following code on a field named DateValue which is a child of a

Which of the following input>>>output values would NOT be expected?

A. Default>>>2000/01/01
B. 2013/02/34>>>2014/01/01
C. NULL Value>>>2014/01/01
D. October 20, 2013>>>2013/10/20

Answer(s): A
A customer has images that have machine print as well as handwritten data on the image. Is it
necessary to have an OCR_s or OCR_a engine as well as an ICR engine to extract/read data
from the image, and why?

A. Yes, both OCR_s and ICR_c engines will have to be used.
B. No, ICR_c engine works well with hand-printed and machine-printed text.
C. No, OCR_s engine works well with hand-printed and machine-printed text.
D. No, OCR_a is the only engine that can read hand-printed and machine-printed text.

Answer(s): B
A customer has remote users that wil be scanning in paper documents for their IBM Datacap
Taskmaster applications outside of their office network. What is the BEST method of ingestion
for the customer's application?

A. Use the Taskmaster Web client to scan and then upload the documents, using a TWAIN
driver .
B. Use Taskmaster DotScan using ISIS or TWAIN scanner for the remote user to scan in new
C. Use a fax machine where remote user fax images to a Rightfax server which is ingested by a
RuleRunner server using a OpenTextFaxServer task.
D. Use a third party application with a scanner for the remote user who then upload the images