Free C2180-181 Exam Braindumps

  • Exam Number: C2180-181
  • Provider: IBM
  • Questions: 52
  • Updated On: 2-Dec-2022

A developer is implementing a new Business Rule Management System. The requirements say
that the rules should be valid for specific periods of time and no additional rule properties are
required. At a minimum, the developer should use:

A. the default extension model.
B. the plug-in extension model.
C. a specific extension data file.
D. a new extension model and new extension data file.

Answer(s): A
A company has a non-static BOM method void addLine(OrderLine line, String comment)in class
Order. Rule writers should be presented with the action phrase "add an item to an order with
comment a string". How should a developer verbalize this method?

A. add <0, an item> to <this> with comment <1, a string>
B. add <line, "an item"> to <this> with comment <comment>
C. add {0, "an item"} to {this} with comment {1}
D. add {line, "an item"} to {this} with comment {comment}

Answer(s): C
The validation team is complaining because the WSDL generated by the Transparent Decision
Service is incomplete and does not allow for execution. When verifying the application, the
developer realizes that the schemas are not available. What should the developer do to resolve
the problem?

A. Add the schemas in the BOM Editor.
B. Reference the schemas in the ruleapp project.
C. Package the schemas in the META-INF classes of the application.
D. Select the schemas in the dynamic execution object model property.

Answer(s): D
A developer must set up a rule project. The developer has received three Java archive (.jar)
files. The first .jar file contains information related to the input parameter. The second .jar file
contains information related to the output parameter. The third .jar file contains utility methods
that are not used by the rules or by the other two .jar files. To create the BOM in the rule project,
the developer should add:

A. two .jar files to the XOM and create one BOM entry.
B. two .jar files to the XOM and create two BOM entries.
C. all three .jar files to the XOM and create one BOM entry.
D. all three .jar files to the XOM and create three BOM entries.