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What should be the PRIMARY consideration of a multinational organization deploying a user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) tool to centralize the monitoring of anomalous employee behavior?

  1. Cross-border data transfer
  2. Support staff availability and skill set
  3. User noti cation
  4. Global public interest

Answer(s): B

Which of the following should be the FIRST consideration when conducting a privacy impact assessment (PIA)?

  1. The applicable privacy legislation
  2. The quantity of information within the scope of the assessment
  3. The systems in which privacy-related data is stored
  4. The organizational security risk pro le

Answer(s): C

Which of the following BEST represents privacy threat modeling methodology?

  1. Mitigating inherent risks and threats associated with privacy control weaknesses
  2. Systematically eliciting and mitigating privacy threats in a software architecture
  3. Reliably estimating a threat actor's ability to exploit privacy vulnerabilities
  4. Replicating privacy scenarios that re ect representative software usage

Answer(s): A

An organization is creating a personal data processing register to document actions taken with personal data.
Which of the following categories should document controls relating to periods of retention for personal data?

  1. Data archiving
  2. Data storage
  3. Data acquisition
  4. Data input

Answer(s): A

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