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Which of the following is NOT an advantage of test automation?

  1. The ability to perform tests which would be difficult or impossible to execute manually
  2. The ability to run more tests in less time and therefore to make it possible to run them more often
  3. The ability to find more defects with the same tests, compared to executing the same test manually
  4. The ability to enable a better use of skilled testers by freeing them from repetitive and boring tasks

Answer(s): C

Which of the following success factors for a test automation project is TRUE?

  1. Automated tests must be designed to capture only the data that is strictly needed for comparing expected and actual results
  2. The test cases to be automated first must always be selected based on the number of times a test will need to be run
  3. The test cases to be automated must have a high dependency on particular data values
  4. Automated tests that fail due to changes in the requirements of the SUT should be promptly fixed rather than disabled from the test suite

Answer(s): D

You have been asked to determine a TAS for a new release of a SUT, test should be automated wherever. The new release will consist of 5 new interfaces and an amendment to 3 existing interfaces. The new and amended interface will be deliver incrementally in 3 sprints, each lasting 2 weeks.
What would be the BEST Test Automation Solution (TAS) design in this scenario?

  1. Automate tests at both Component and System Level. Only do this automation once every interface has been fully developed or amended and manual testing has completed successfully.
  2. Automate tests at one level only, System level. Use only the newly developed interfaces and do not create any customized interfaces/test hooks.
  3. Automate the tests at two levels, Component and System level. Create customized hooks at Component level for interface not yet developed or amended. Only use the newly developed or amended interfaces to test at System level.
  4. Automate a test at once level, component level, Create customized interface/test hooks for this level where the interface has not yet been developed or amended.

Answer(s): A,C

You are working on a TAS for standalone application. The automated tests are developed based on a automation framework that allows interaction with GUI elements using on object orientated API. The GUI elements include menus, buttons, radio buttons, text toolbars and their properties. Whilst automating a test, you have discovered that the GUI elements of some third party components are not identifiable by the automated tool you are using. Which of the following is the FIRST step that you take to investigate this issue?

  1. Verify the testability support with the providers of the third party components
  2. Verify whether the GUI identification depends on the browser.
  3. Adopt an approach that uses the coordinates of the GUI elements instead
  4. Verify whether naming standards for variables and have been defined for the current automation solution

Answer(s): C

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