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As a tester you participate in the project of the decision support system for granting a loan. You are asked to review the acceptance criteria for the following requirement:
REQ 3.28. The automated system records critical credit application data (CCAD. needed to support application screening.
Assume that it is well known what kind of data CCAD are.
Which of the following would be the BEST example of an acceptance criterion for this requirement?

  1. The CCAD are stored in the MySQL relational database after each successful data entry procedure.
  2. The CCAD is not recorded if it is incomplete and a message is displayed.
  3. The CCAD record process is quick and reversible.
  4. The process for collecting CCAD meets corporate usability guidelines.

Answer(s): B

Which one of the following statements describes the relation between business goals, business needs and requirements BEST?

  1. Business goals and business needs are synonyms.
  2. Business goals, business needs and requirements describe at different levels of abstraction, what shall be achieved.
  3. Business needs address the business solution whereas business requirements define the business problem or opportunity.
  4. To derive the business needs, the business analyst first has to understand the business goals and requirements.

Answer(s): B

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