Free CTAL-TM Exam Braindumps

Assume you are working as a Test Manager in a startup organization. You are creating a system for carrying employee’s surveys for small to medium-sized companies. This application can be accessed online.

The companies using this software will have to enroll first and create different buttons for each department of the organization. The company also defines different parameters for rating each department.

After each survey, the system calculates the number of people who participated in the survey and also calculates the overall rating on the scale of 5 for each department. The software ranks the department in ascending order and the report is sent to the higher management or to the mail id exclusively specified in the software.

The marketing team is making heavy efforts to sell the software and is also working on giving out discounts. According to them, the software will be high on performance and provide quick service.

As of now, the requirement is finalized and development has begun. The companies who intend to use this software have 3 months’ time to enroll themselves.

The organization decides to use cloud computing to host this service. There would not be any hardware other than normal office computers. Every developer, tester, and other people involved will be using simple desktops to use those services. All the standards will be adhered to by building the system.

After doing a Risk Analysis, the below risk item was identified.

“The customized company’s button is not redirecting to the correct organization”.

You are using traceability metrics to track all the risk items. Which of the following positive test case is complete and enough to cover the above risk item?

  1. After clicking on the customized button, the system displays the default department home page.
  2. After clicking on the customized button, the system displays your organization’s home page.
  3. After clicking on the customized button, the system displays the enrolled organization’s home page.
  4. Click the URL of the page and check that the home page is displayed appropriately.
  5. Click randomly on any button and check what happens.

Answer(s): C

Evaluate the status of the project against the defined exit criteria. Which of the following options shows the correct status? 2 credits

  1. Criteria A = OK, criteria B = OK, criteria C = OK
  2. Criteria A = NOT OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = OK
  3. Criteria A = OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = NOT OK
  4. Criteria A = NOT OK, criteria B = NOT OK, criteria C = NOT OK

Answer(s): B

In addition to introducing the new team member, you have decided to raise motivation. Which of the measures listed below would be the best measure to take in order to increase the motivation of the team? 2 credits

  1. Provide more time for testing in the schedule
  2. Allow people to take some time off
  3. Introduce entry criteria to the testing phase
  4. Organize a meeting with senior management in which they address the importance of good testing for this project

Answer(s): D

You are considering involving users during test execution. In general, what is the main reason for involving users during test execution? 1 credit

  1. They are a cheap resource
  2. They have good testing skills
  3. This can serve as a way to build their confidence in the system
  4. They have the ability to also focus on invalid test cases

Answer(s): C

Which of the following team roles would be most appropriate to enhance the team and why? 2 credits

  1. A person with the ability to complete tasks
  2. A quality assurance officer
  3. A person with in-depth technical skills
  4. A person who brings new ideas to the team

Answer(s): D