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What is the difference between a Known Error and a Problem?

A. The underlying cause of a Known Error is known. The underlying cause of a
Problem is not known
B. A Known Error involves an error in the IT infrastructure, A
C. Problem does not involve such an error.
D. A Known Error always originates from an Incident. This is not always the case with
a Problem
E. With a Problem, the relevant Configuration Items have been identified. This is not
the case with aKnown Error.

Answer(s): A

There have been multiple incidents recorded by the Service Desk. It appears that the
network is congested due to multiple connections.
What kind of actions should the Service Desk analyst take in this instance?

A. They should ask the Capacity Manager to expand the capacity of the network
B. They should ask the Problem Manager to look into the problem right away
C. They should ask the Security Manager to check whether too many authorizations
may have been issued.
D. They should ask the Service Level Manager to revise the Service Level
Agreements (SLA) with a decreased availability target

Answer(s): B

What is the best definition of an Incident Model?

A. A type of incident involving an authorized Configuration Item (CI)
B. The template used by Service Desk analysts to record incidents
C. A set of pre-defined steps to be followed when dealing with a known type of
D. An Incident that is easy is solved at first contact

Answer(s): C

Which ITIL process ensures that the IT Services are restored as soon as possible in
the case of a malfunction?

A. Change Management
B. Incident Management
C. Problem Management
D. Service Level Management

Answer(s): B


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