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Operations Control refers to?

A. The managers of the Event and Access Management Processes
B. Overseeing the monitoring and escalating of IT operational events and activities
C. The tools used to monitor the status of the IT Network
D. The situation where the Service Desk manager is required to monitor the status of
the infrastructure when Service Desk Operators are not available

Answer(s): B

Which of the following is NOT an example of a Service Request?

A. A user calls the Service Desk to order a toner cartridge
B. A user calls the Service Desk because they would like to change the functionality
of an application.
C. A Manager submits a request for a new employee to be given access to an
D. A user logs onto an internal web site to download a licensed copy of software from
a list of approved options

Answer(s): B

Which of the following is NOT an objective of Service Operation?

A. Thorough testing, to ensure that services are designed to meet business needs
B. To deliver and support IT Services
C. To manage the technology used to deliver services
D. To monitor the performance of technology and processes

Answer(s): A

Brewster's is a toy factory that has been in business for 30 years. The company
started with a small family run shop and has grown consistently over the years. They
are now supplying toy stores nationwide and are considered to be the primary
supplier of children's collectable novelty erasers.
Brewster's IT department is relatively small (currently 15 staff) but efficient. They
have recently employed an IT Manager in an attempt to improve the management of
the infrastructure, as well as more effective use of resources and identification of
areas for improvement.
The Brewster's management teams do not have a lot of IT knowledge. The newly
appointed IT Manager is very ITIL focused and wants to implement as many ITSM
processes as is appropriate there are currently no formal processes in place. On
starting with the company the IT Manager completed an internal assessment of the IT
infrastructure including staff skil s analysis, and col ated the results from customer
satisfaction surveys completed over the last 5 years.
The main areas of concern are as follows:
Responses from customer satisfaction survey:

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