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Support teams as their input is necessary to ensure services are designed that wil
work efficiently in the live environment.
D. Implement the Problem Management process, to ensure there are both reactive
and proactive activities taking place with regards to Problems, a knowledge bank of
information including known errors, workarounds, problems and incident records is
produced and maintained.
Once this process is established, working efficiently and staff have become more
accustomed to this new way of working, use this success to recommend the
implementation of the Event Management process.

Answer(s): A

Brewster's is a toy factory that has been in business for 30 years. The company
started with a small family run shop and has grown consistently over the years. They
are now supplying toy stores nationwide and are considered to be the primary
supplier of children's collectable novelty erasers.
Brewster's IT department is relatively small (currently 15 staff) but efficient. They
have recently employed an IT Manager in an attempt to improve the management of
the infrastructure, as well as more effective use of resources and identification of
areas for improvement.
The Brewster's management teams do not have a lot of IT knowledge. The newly
appointed IT Manager is very ITIL focused and wants to implement as many ITSM
processes as is appropriate there are currently no formal processes in place. On
starting with the company the IT Manager completed an internal assessment of the IT
infrastructure including staff skil s analysis, and col ated the results from customer
satisfaction surveys completed over the last 5 years.
The main areas of concern are as follows:
Responses from customer satisfaction survey:
Overall a consistent satisfaction level. However, responses completed during the
past 12 months show an increase in customers who were unsatisfied with call waiting
times when contacting the service desk for help with online orders and requests for
Customers added the following additional comments:
1. "Never get to speak to the same person twice when dealing with an Incident
number, had to call several times to receive follow up on progress"
2. "Some of the Service Desk staff seem under qualified to deal with my questions
about new applications/incidents/service requests"
Results from Staff Skil s Analysis:
Staff, in general, have a good knowledge of IT systems and a basic understanding
of the business processes and objectives. However, staff are not well informed of
upcoming releases of new or changed services and not given adequate information
to relay to the customers.
Staff added the following additional comments:
1. "Communication between Service Operation departments has become inefficient -
there are meetings for the sake of meetings, but the important information we need to
know to do our day to day jobs is lacking"
2. "I stil don't know what half of the people do, that work in the IT department!"
Results from General IT Infrastructure assessment:
Lack of event monitoring and planning
Lack of input from Operational Support departments into Service Design
Lack of skil and information sharing across the Operational Support teams with
regards to Incident, Problem, Workarounds and Known Error data.

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