Free JN0-230 Exam Braindumps

Which statement is correct about Junos security zones?

  1. User-defined security zones must contain at least one interface.
  2. Logical interfaces are added to user-defined security zones.
  3. Security policies are referenced within a user-defined security zone.
  4. User-defined security zones must contain the key word “zone”.

Answer(s): A


"Security zones are logical entities to which one or more interfaces are bound."

Which security feature is applied to traffic on an SRX Series device when the device is running in packet mode?

  1. ALGs
  2. Sky ATP
  3. firewall filters
  4. unified policies

Answer(s): C


Firewall filters define which type of security?

  1. stateful
  2. stateless
  3. NGFW
  4. dynamic enforcement

Answer(s): B

Users in your network are downloading files with file extensions that you consider to be unsafe for your network. You must prevent files with specific file extensions from entering your network.

Which UTM feature should be enabled on an SRX Series device to accomplish this task?

  1. content filtering
  2. antispam
  3. Web filtering
  4. URL filtering

Answer(s): A

You want to automatically generate the encryption and authentication keys during IPsec VPN tunnel establishment. What would be used to accomplish this task?

  1. main mode
  2. aggressive mode
  3. IPsec
  4. Diffie-Hellman

Answer(s): D