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A. The container platform offers a command like docker service discover which should be run
within a container.
B. The container platform sets environment variables containing service information within the
C. The container platform lists localhost ports assigned to containers in each container's
/etc/services file.
D. The container platform mounts the sockets for all available services into the container's file
E. The container platforms maintains DNS records which point to containers offering a specific

Answer(s): B, EQUESTION: 24
Which of the statements below are true about the volume created by the fol owing command?
(Choose two correct answers.)

docker run ?v /data ?ti debian

A. The new /data volume contains a copy of the complete container's base image.
B. The volume containing the container's rootfile system is retained until the /data volume is
C. The /data volume is discarded when the container terminates.
D. The /data volume can be attached to another Docker container.
E. If the command is run a second time, another volume for /data is created.

Answer(s): D, EQUESTION: 25
Which of the following commands lists the nodes in a Docker Swam cluster?

A. docker-swarm listnodes
B. docker engine ls
C. docker node ls
D. docker machine ls
E. docker swarm nodes

Answer(s): C

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