Free LSAT Exam Braindumps

When the goalie has been chosen, the Smalltown Bluebirds hockey team has a starting lineup that is selected from two groups:

First Group: John, Dexter, Bart, Erwin
Second Group: Leanne, Roger, George, Marlene, Patricia

When deciding on the players in the lineup, the coach considers the following requirements:
Two players are always chosen from the first group, while three are chosen from the second group.
George will only start if Bart also starts. Dexter and Bart will not start together.
If George starts, Marlene won't start.
The 4 fastest players are: John, Bart, George and Patricia 3 of the 4 fastest players will always be chosen.
If George is in the starting lineup, who must also start?

  1. Marlene or John
  2. Dexter or Leanne
  3. Dexter or John
  4. John or Patricia
  5. Marlene or Roger

Answer(s): D

The two battles left the Spanish fleet ______________.

  1. open to change
  2. triumphant
  3. open to attack
  4. defeated
  5. discouraged

Answer(s): C

The Armada was _____________ on one side.

  1. closed off
  2. damaged
  3. alone
  4. circled
  5. answer not available in this article

Answer(s): A

Athens had ______________the other Greek city-states against the Persians.

  1. refused help to
  2. intervened on behalf of
  3. wanted to fight
  4. given orders for all to fight
  5. defeated

Answer(s): B

Darius took drastic steps to _____________ the rebellious Athenians.

  1. weaken
  2. destroy
  3. calm
  4. placate
  5. answer not available

Answer(s): C