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  • Updated On: 26-Jun-2022

Which of the following True statements regarding Microsoft CRM's underlying physical

A. The platform layer directly access the physical database.
B. The application code has direct access to the physical database.
C. The metabase is programmatical y generated from the physical database
D. Modifications made directly to the physical database can potentially damage not only the
application, but the database itself.

Answer(s): C, D
What is meant by Organization access for a given record type and privilege?

A. Organization Access has no access restrictions.
B. Organization Access is the most restrictive of al access rights.
C. A user can perform the action associated with a privilege and record type on any record in
the organizational hierarchy, regardless of the user that owns the record.
D. A user can perform the action associated with a privilege and record type on any team-
owned record in the organizational unit.

Answer(s): A, C
After successfully installing Microsoft CRM, it is important that you run ChrystalAdmin. What is
the major function of ChrystalAdmin?

A. It changes the Crystal Admin password.
B. It launches the Crystal Configuration Manager.
C. It initialize Crystal Enterprise for Microsoft CRM.
D. It makes Crystal APS run at startup.

Answer(s): A
In order to install Microsoft CRM Server, in which mode must Active Directory be installed.

A. Primary Mode
B. Mixed Mode
C. PDC Mode
D. Native Mode

Answer(s): D