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Exam Set: 1, Scenario 1
You are employed as a SharePoint administrator at has a single Active
Directory Domain Services (AD DS) domain, named Active Directory is used to
host and administer user-specific data, which includes visual identification pictures.'s users are included in an organizational unit (OU), named ABCUsers.
You have been tasked with the installation of a SharePoint environment that includes
multiple servers. This environment that will be used for information management and
collaboration. has a server named ABC-SR01, which is configured to run the User Profile
Synchronization service.
Business Prerequisites users should be able to access the portal via a single URL, regardless of where
they are. These users should also have the ability to business data from an external
network. The users should not, however, be allowed to use a VPN connection to retrieve this
data. users should also be able to follow content writers and configure notifications for
content adjustments. Furthermore, a user should only be allowed to follow a
maximum of 75 sites and people.'s content writers should be able to make documents and large audio/visual media
files available for use by internal and external users. Administrators should be able to
promote search query results throughout Content should be shared via My Sites,
and social communication options should be catered for.
Technical Prerequisites
Hardware and software installations for the SharePoint environment should not transcend
the minimum specifications. The escalation of storage consumption should be regulated.
Prior to creating new content databases, the usage for the current content databases should
be enhanced.
Network attached storage (NAS) should be used for storing sizeable files.
Files, databases, components, Web applications, and site collections should be configured
to remain within the specified parameters. User profile information should be imported from
Active Directory via the User Profile Synchronization service. The User Profile service
account should be allocated the minimum required permissions for reading information.
The most recent software updates should be available for existing and forthcoming
SharePoint environments, and predefined database naming conventions should be utilized.
The path shown below should be used for generating exclusive user sites:

Subsequent to establishing a User Profile Synchronization connection, you required to make
sure that the synchronization account is assigned the proper permissions.
Which of the following actions should you take?

A. You should consider assigning the Replicate Directory Changes permission on the
cn=configuration container.
B. You should consider assigning the Create Child Objects and Write permission.
C. You should consider assigning the Read permission on the domain.
D. You should consider assigning the Replicate Directory Changes permission on the
Answer(s): D


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