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You configure a My Sites host site collection at the URL The
Dallas site collection also hosts a web application that wil be used exclusively by sales
department employees for creating customer sites. Employees access the site at the URL

The Chicago location has a primary datacenter and a secondary datacenter.

Some of the sites in the Denver site collection run in SharePoint 2010 mode.

The Atlanta site collection is used exclusively by marketing department employees.

The development site collection is used only by SharePoint administrators for internal testing.

The IT site collection is used by the IT department to share content with other employees. The
following servers are available in the Seattle datacenter:
? Server1 and Server5 are located in the Seattle perimeter network. End users have direct
access only to these servers.
? Server2and Server6 are optimized for high throughput.
? Server3 and Server7 have storage that is optimized for caching.
? Server4 and Server8 are not currently in use.

The servers in the Seattle datacenter are not configured for redundancy.

Office 365
You have an existing Office 365 tenant. You use Azure Active Directory Connect to provision
the hosted environment.

Requirements Chicago
You identify the following requirements for the Chicago office:

General requirements
? Chicago must remain a standalone on-premises SharePoint environment. There must be no
connectivity with Office 365.
? You must deploy a new Office Online Server farm named to the
environment. This farm wil be used from within the network and external y. Al connections to
the Office Online Server farm must use IPSec.

Disaster recovery requirements
? You must use the secondary datacenter in Chicago for disaster recovery.
? You must be able to recover the SharePoint farm to the secondary
datacenter. Any recovery operations must complete in less than five minutes if the primary
datacenter fails.
? You must minimize the costs associated with deploying the disaster recovery solution.

You identify the following requirements for the Dallas office:


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