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Exam Set: 1, Xcerts Ltd

Xcerts, Ltd. is a recruiting and staffing company that has offices throughout North America.
The company has a main office and six branch offices. The main office is located in Miami. The branch
offices are located in New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.

Existing Environment Network Infrastructure
The network contains one Active Directory domain named

The main office has the following servers:
One file server that maintains multiples shares
Two domain controllers configured as DNS servers
One Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server
Two DHCP servers that each have a scope for all of the subnets
Two servers that have Failover Clustering configured and are used as
virtualization hosts
One server that has Microsoft SQL Server 2012 installed and maintains
a customer relationship management (CRM) database

Each branch office has the following servers:
One domain controller configured as a DNS server
One DHCP server that has a single scope for its respective office

Each office has a single subnet. The network speed of the local area network (LAN) is 1 gigabit per
second. All of the offices have a high-speed connection to the Internet. The offices connect to each other
by using VPN appliances.

Current Issues
Users report that it can take a long time to download files from network shares in the main office. A root
cause analysis identifies that network traffic peaks when the users experience this issue.

Requirements Planned Changes
The company plans to implement the following changes:
Replace al of the domain controllers with new servers that run Windows
Server 2012.
Upgrade the CRM application to use a web-based application that
connects to the current CRM database. The web application wil store
session data in the memory of each web server.
Initial y, deploy two front-end web servers to two virtual machines.
Additional virtual web servers wil be deployed in the future.
Monitor the availability of the CRM application and create alerts when the
overall availability is less than 99 percent.
Implement Microsoft System Center 2012 to manage the new

Business Requirements
The company identifies the following business requirements:

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