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Case Study: 1
You are developing an ASP.NET MVC application in Visual Studio 2012 that wil be used by
Olympic marathon runners to log data about training runs.

Business Requirements
The application stores date, distance, and duration information about a user's training runs.
The user can view, insert, edit, and delete records.
The application must be optimized for accessibility.
Al times must be displayed in the user's local time.

Technical Requirements
Data Access:
Database access is handled by a public class named RunnerLog.DataAccess.RunnerLogDb.
Al data retrieval must be done by HTTP GET and all data updates must be done by HTTP

Al pages in the application use a master layout file named \Views\Shared\_Layout.cshtml.

The application uses the \Models\LogModel.cs model.

Al views in the application use the Razor view engine.
Four views located in \Views\RunLog are named:

? _CalculatePace.cshtml
? EditLog.cshtml
? GetLog.cshtml
? InsertLog.cshtml

The application also contains a \Views\Home\Index.cshtml view.

The application contains a \Controllers\RunLogController.cs controller.

A stopwatch.png image is located in the \Images folder.

A map of a runner's path is available when a user views a run log. The map is implemented as
an Adobe Flash application and video. The browser should display the video natively if possible,

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