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Wayland Industries Background
You are employed as a developer at A customer, named Wayland
Industries, has requested a basic SharePoint task tracking app.
Business Prerequisites
Wayland Industries users must have the ability to create and retrieve task lists. Wayland
Industries also requires that project leads be allowed to delete task lists, while users are
allowed to make changes to task lists. The app should only be accessible to users who have
a paid license.
Tasks may be tagged with the programming language in use, while task lists can only be
tagged using the C++, C#, or JavaScript terms. You are informed that the term store should
drive navigational links across the top, while URLs that enhances search engine ranking
should be used.
A system message, which is accessible to all users without having to query a data source,
should be set. A username and password must be used by remote users to authenticate to
the app.
Wayland Industries' development SharePoint site will be used to test the app in the course of
development. The app wil be published as a paid app to the Microsoft Store upon
Current Site Setup
Wayland Industries has a Public-facing site, and a Development site for tasks app
Wayland Industries also has a Search site and a Personal My Site configured.
Task List Design
The app should create a SharePoint list, named WITasks. WITasks should include Field
Data Type and Content attributes. The Field Name attribute should contain the Department
Description, which are both configured with the Text data type. It should also include Hours,
which has the Number data type set. Lastly, it should include Completed, which is configured
with the Radio Button data type that contains the Yes and No content.
User Groups
Access to features of the app wil be managed via the Admin, Project Leads, and Users
SharePoint groups. Members of the Admin group wil be able to execute all tasks, members
of the Project Leads group will be the users who are allowed to delete tasks, while members
of the Users group wil be able to add and manage tasks in their own projects. Members of
the Users group wil not be able to delete tasks.
Task Display
WITasks should be retrieved by the app and shown on a webpage 30 tasks at a time.

Technical Prerequisites
To validate the license, the Microsoft apps licensing service must be queried. Taxonomy-
based navigation, which is automatical y created by SharePoint, should be configured for


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