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You are employed as a developer at ABC. ABC wants you to make use of SharePoint 2013
to create and deploy a new public-facing Internet site, and a new intranet site. ABC's intranet
site wil be used for classified files and content.
Business Prerequisites
It is required that content owners are able to alter content in pages that are published for
anonymous site users. The content owners should also be able to alter search engine
optimization (SEO) properties for web site visibility enhancement. Content must be created
in various languages, with automatic translation configured.
An intranet site must be configured for every ABC division. This site should exhibit pertinent
data regarding the division, and also show the division's staff communication data. Intranet
users are urged to publish existing project data via a blog of their own creation. This blog wil
also be used for receiving comments from other ABC users. Every time a user connects to
the intranet, content that was modified by the user must be presented. The intranet site
should also include post updates from other ABC users' blogs.
Technical Prerequisites
A separate Managed Metadata Service (MMS) must be used by the Internet and intranet
web applications. The two web applications should not share term sets.
The intranet web application must make use of the User Profile Service Application (UPA)
and all its social features.
An app part, which enables the current user to display various top feeds from user profiles,
should be created.
The public-facing Internet site wil be configured with the http://www.Company URL, and the
http://intranet.Company URL for the intranet site. My sites wil be accessed via
The public-facing Internet site must be configured for search engine optimization. Cross-site
publishing should be used to publish information from the intranet site to the Internet web
Prior to publishing the information, a catalog must be defined. A custom tool must be created
to allow site collection administrators to manage catalog connections. To delete or refresh
the current catalog links, the API calls should be defined.
To improve ranking by Internet search engines, canonical URL filtering should be enabled
for the Internet site that has the URL, http://www.Company/items/pages/items.aspx? itemID
= <num>&itemCategory=<category>. The filters used by the site collection administrator
should also be defined.
The Internet site is published for various types of devices, including tablets and mobile
Therefore, numerous master pages are used. When a device accesses the site, the master
page is selected by the device channels according to the device capabilities.
A Phone, Tablet, and Default master page exists. There are three device channels that
make use of the Phone master page, and two that makes use of the Tablet master page.
The Default master page is used by a device channel, named Default, which includes
devices that are not part of other device channels.
Users who access the site via a Windows phone must be presented with a message
informing them that a recently created Windows Phone app is available for download. This
message should appear on all mobile site pages, while the HTML that includes the message
should only be visible to Windows phones.
A separate site collection must be configured for each ABC division, with reader rights
configured for that division's staff. Different types of devices are used by staff to connect to
the intranet. As a result of the slow loading of the intranet homepage due to vast image
sizes, you plan to enable image renditions on the intranet site collection. You are also
planning to create an app part that allows for the users' personal sites and news feeds data
to be displayed.


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