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  • Updated On: 26-Jun-2022

Exam Set: 1, VB Adventure Works

Adventure Works is a retail operation with facilities in English-speaking and Spanish-speaking

Adventure Works plans to begin selling its products online. As a first step, the company will
develop a customer-facing shopping cart.

You are a senior developer hired by the company to lead the development of the new solution.

Your solution must meet the following business requirements. General
The Web application must support the English and Spanish languages, and must display all
information in the end user's language and culture.

The Web application must handle errors gracefully. If an error occurs, the Web application must
send a notification.

User Interface
The Web application must support two groups of users: customers and administrators. The Web
application must have a separate interface for each user group.

The customer-facing interface has the following associated requirements:
? Customers must create user accounts.
? The customer-facing interface must include the online store and a page that displays
shopping cart content.
? Customers must submit orders from the shopping cart page.
? Customers must log in to user accounts to submit orders.
? Customers must be able to upload image files to the Web application.
? The online store must include products that can be customized with the image files uploaded
by the customer, The administrative interface has the following associated requirements:
? The administrative interface must include tools for managing inventory, users, and sales, and
tools for viewing reports.
? Administrators must be able to change the appearance of the Web application for specific
holidays without redeploying the application.

Your solution must meet the following technical requirements.

You must use only your existing hardware, which consists of three servers that run Windows
Server 2008 R2.
The web application must be load balanced among the three servers.

Development Environment
The Web application must be developed by using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 and ASP.NET 4.
Debugging of server-side and client-side code must be performed by using Visual Studio 2010.
A staging server wil be used to validate all changes before deploying to production.