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Al solutions must be scalable.
Al solutions must minimize bandwidth usage.
Techniques used for implementation must result in a codebase that is easy to maintain.
The application pool must be configured to run using the Network Service account.
Session state must be persisted between server farm restarts.

Changes that administrators make to the application's appearance must affect all images and
styles across the entire application.

The Web application must authenticate users by using Forms authentication.
The least-privileged NTFS permission level must be applied to the file system.

Server-side code and client-side code generated by developers must not be mixed.
Error handling must be managed at a global level.
Al data must be represented as entity objects in a separate class library that wilt be available
for future projects.
The shopping cart content page must be developed by using a GridView control.

You have the following requirements for the use of classes:
? Secured pages must inherit the CustomPage class.
? The CustomPage class must inherit from the Page class.
? The administration pages must mhent the CustomManagementPage class.
? The CustomManagementPage class must be denved from the CustomPage class.

File Storage
Certain types of files must be stored in specific folders on the web application server:
? Store all pages requiring authentication in a folder named Secured.
? Store all images uploaded by customers in a folder named Upload.
You need to design a solution for implementing holiday-specific site changes.

Which approach should you recommend?

A. Create a single master page, and change its images and styles dynamically in the code-
behind file.
B. Create one master page for each holiday. In each master page, reference the styles and
images for the specific holiday.
C. For each holiday, create a theme that contains the related images and styles. Include a skin
file, and reference the images within the master page with a SkinID.
D. For each holiday, create a theme that contains the related images and styles. Include a skin
file, and reference all images within the web application with a SkinID.

Answer(s): D
You need to design a solution for the protection of the pages in the Secured folder.


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