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Exam Set: 2, VB Blue Yonder Airlines

You are a senior developer at Blue Yonder Airlines.

The company has an existing Web application that was written by using Classic ASP and
COM+. It has become increasingly difficult to maintain the non- object oriented code. Ongoing
growth has made the current security implementation unreliable in the defense of the attack
surface. An increased user base has introduced scalability and performance problems.

After several project planning sessions, the architecture team has decided that the Web
application must be rewritten to increase security, allow better scalability, improve
maintainability of source code, and implement best practices.

Your solution must meet the following business requirements.

Al users of the Web application must have a user name, a password, and one or more roles
assigned. You must support dynamic updates to roles and permissions from within the Web

Specific areas of the Web application must be secured to prevent access by unauthorized
Due to security concerns, the use of persistent cookies is not allowed. However, the use of
session cookies is allowed.

Data Access
The Web application must use a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 data store. In addition, the Web
application must provide the capability to connect to and display third-party data.

The database wil store a list of news items and news categories that have the following
associated requirements:
? The Web application must allow users to specify a news category for entry or retrieval of
news items.
? When the user begins entering a news category name, the Web application must display
categories matching the entered text without submitting a form.
? News items that are posted in the Web application must be exposed to visitors by using RSS
? The news feeds must be retrieved from the database and formatted by using the
Rss20FeedFormatter class.

Exception Management
Al exceptions within the Web application must be logged.
Al application exceptions must be handled at the controller level.
If an exception occurs, the Web application must display a user-friendly error message.

Your solution must meet the following technical requirements.

Development Environment


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