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A. Please refer to Exhibit B for the answer.

Answer(s): A
You update the portion of the website that contains biographical information about students.
You need to provide data for testing the updates to the website.
Which approach should you use?

A. Use SQL Server data synchronization.
B. Use the Active Geo-Replication feature of Azure SQL Database.
C. Use SQL Replication.
D. Use the Geo-Replication feature of Azure Storage.

Answer(s): A

The Compute method in the PlagiarismCalculation class takes a significant amount of time to
load existing works from blob storage. To improve performance, the service must load existing
works from the cache.
You need to modify the Compute method in the class PlagiarismCalculation.
How should you modify the method? To answer, select the appropriate option or options in the
answer area.

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