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Topic 1, Exam Set 1

You work as the Enterprise administrator at The network has a domain
named The servers on the network run Windows Server 2008 and all client
computers run Windows Vista.
The network contains more than 3, 000 computers. wants to make use of
Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) updates. You thus need to setup the appropriate
storage mechanism so that it provides high availability.
Where should you store the WSUS updates?

A. In a storage subsystem as a RAID 10.
B. In a network load balancing cluster.
C. In a newly created Group Policy.
D. In a Distributed File System (DFS) link that is configured to utilize several replicating targets.

Answer(s): D
You need to keep the updates on a Distributed File System (DFS) link that uses multiple
replicating targets. This wil ensure that the updates highly available. The DFS contain the
following capabilities: views of folders and files, that is a virtual organization where those files
physically reside in a network.
Step 4: Set up a DFS share
You work as the Enterprise administrator at The network has forest with
two domains named and The functional level of the forest is set at
Windows Server 2008.
A new security policy requires that the local guest accounts and administrator
accounts should be renamed. You have to ensure that the local guest accounts are disabled
after it has been renamed.
How can this be achieved?

A. By using a custom network profile.
B. By using a Group Policy object (GPO) for every domain.
C. By using a folder redirection on all the root domain controllers.
D. By using a ServerManagerCMD tool for the root main.

Answer(s): B
You need to use Group Policy object (GPO) for every domain. With this you can rename
administrator accounts as well as renaming and disabling the local guest accounts. Windows
Server 2003 also permits you to modify the administrator account and guest account names
with a Group Policy.
HOW TO: Rename the Administrator and Guest Account in Windows Server 2003

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