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Your network consists of an Active Directory domain and a DirectAccess infrastructure.
You install Windows 7 on a new portable computer and join the computer to the domain.
You need to ensure that the computer can establish DirectAccess connections.

What should you do?

A. Install a computer certificate.
B. Create a new network connection.
C. Enable the Network Discovery firewall exception.
D. Add the computer account to the Network Configuration Operators group.

Answer(s): A
The DirectAccess IPsec session is established when the client running Windows 7 and the
DirectAccess server authenticate with each other using computer certificates. DirectAccess
supports only certificate-based authentication.

DirectAccess Client Configuration
Clients receive their DirectAccess configuration through Group Policy. This differs from
traditional VPN configuration where connections are configured manual y or distributed through
the connection manager administration kit. Once you have added the computer's client account
to the designated security group, you need to install a computer certificate on the client for the
purpose of DirectAccess authentication. An organization needs to deploy Active Directory
Certificate Services so that clients can automatical y enroll with the appropriate certificates.
You have a portable computer named Computer1 that runs Windows 7.
You have a file server named Server1 that runs Windows Server 2008. Server1 contains a
shared folder named Share1.

You need to configure Computer1 to meet the following requirements:
? Ensure that cached files from Share1 are encrypted.
? Ensure that files located in Share1 are available when Server1 is disconnected from the

What should you do?

A. On Server1, encrypt the files in Share1. On Computer1, make Share1 available offline.
B. On Server1, configure BitLocker Drive Encryption. On Computer1, make Share1 available
C. On Computer1, make Share1 available offline and enable encryption of offline files.
D. On Computer1, copy the files from Share1 to the Documents library and configure BitLocker
Drive Encryption.

Answer(s): C
Offline Files
The Offline Files feature of Windows 7 allows a client to locally cache files hosted in shared


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