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You install Windows 10 on several devices.
You need to add a trusted root certificate to the devices. You must achieve the goal without
reinstalling Windows 10.
What should you do?

A. Mount the Install.wim file.
B. Mount the Boot.wim file.
C. Modify the Winpeshl.ini file.
D. Create an answer file.
E. Modify the Windows.ini file.
F. Create a provisioning package.
G. Load a catalog file (.clg).
H. Create a cabinet file (.cab).

Answer(s): F
You have an image of Windows 10 Anniversary Update.
You plan to deploy the image to several new computers.
You must add Microsoft Office 2016 to the image.
You have a Configuration.xml file that wil be used to deploy Office 2016. The contents of the file
are shown in the following exhibit.

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