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* Notify the sales person who places an order whether or not the order was completed.
You must add the following constraints to the SalesHistory table:
* a constraint on the SaleID column that allows the field to be used as a record identifier
* a constant that uses the ProductID column to reference the Product column of the
ProductTypes table
* a constraint on the CategoryID column that allows one row with a nul value in the column
* a constraint that limits the SalePrice column to values greater than four
Finance department users must be able to retrieve data from the SalesHistory table for sales
persons where the value of the SalesYTD column is above a certain threshold.
You plan to create a memory-optimized table named SalesOrder. The table must meet the
following requirements:
* The table must hold 10 mil ion unique sales orders.
* The table must use checkpoints to minimize I/O operations and must not use transaction
* Data loss is acceptable.
Performance for queries against the SalesOrder table that use Where clauses with exact
equality operations must be optimized.
How should you complete the Transact-SQL statements? To answer, select the appropriate
Transact-SQL segments in the answer area.

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