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D. Open the old OfficeMove.mpp file, click on Save As, and save the file using a new file
name. Then enter the project name in the Project Summary Task. Set all tasks to zero
percent complete.
Answer(s): C

20You are a project manager who uses Project Professional 2013.
A senior stakeholder asks you to update your project to reflect your organization's scheduled
two-week closure.
You need to reflect the closure within your schedule.
What should you do?
A. Create a resource and specify non-working days for the resource which reflect the
closure. Assign this resource to each task.
B. Open the Project Calendar and modify the default work week by setting the dates as non-
working time.
C. Create a new calendar and assign this to the tasks that are scheduled over the period of
D. Open the Project Calendar and enter the planned closure in the Exceptions tab.
Answer(s): D

You are a project manager for an organization that uses Project Standard 2013.
You add shortcuts on the Quick Access Toolbar to your most frequently used commands.
Your manager is impressed with the ease of use this customization provides and would like
other project managers in the group to use it.
You need to deploy the customization to these project managers.
What should you do?

A. Save a Project File with the customizations to the ribbon in the file. Ask the other project
managers to open the file.
B. Email your global.mpt file to each project manager. Ask them to place the template in the
%appdata%\Microsoft\MS Project\15 \1033 folder.
C. Click on the Import/Export button to export the customizations to a file. Ask the other
project managers to import the file.
D. Use regedit to export the following key: HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Office\15.0\User
Settings\ProjectRibbon. Ask the other project managers to import the key.
Answer(s): C

You are a project manager, and your organization uses Project Standard 2013.

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