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Topic 1, A Datum Corporation

A Datum Corporation is a manufacturing company that has a main office in New York City, sales
offices throughout the United States, and a manufacturing plant in Seattle.

A Datum has 3, 000 users. One hundred and fifty users work at the main office in an
administrative role, 650 users work in the sales offices, and 2, 200 users work in the
manufacturing plant.

Existing Environment

Current Infrastructure
A Datum runs an on-premises server farm that is lightly virtualized. Al servers run Windows
Server 2008 R2.

A Datum uses Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010, and Microsoft
Exchange Server 2010. Various versions of Microsoft SQL Server are used heavily across the
server farm both as an infrastructure product and as a data warehouse tool.

The server farm contains 12 servers. Six of the servers have two processors with quad cores.
Six of the servers have four processors with quad cores.
Half of the servers are managed by using Microsoft System Center 2010.

Each user at the main office has a desktop computer that runs Windows 7 Professional. The
computers have Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2007 installed. Each user at the sales offices
has a laptop that runs Windows 7 Professional. The laptops have Office Professional Plus 2010

Windows 7 licenses were acquired when the hardware was acquired. The users in the
manufacturing plant do not have access to any devices except for terminals that run a line- of-
business application.

Current Licensing Solution
A Datum recently signed an Enterprise Agreement that includes Office Professional Plus,
Windows Enterprise Upgrade, and Microsoft Core CAL Suite licensed per user.
Currently, all of the licenses for SQL Server are assigned to long-term workloads.


Business Goals
A Datum spent a significant amount of time developing a custom application that wil be used by
hundreds of the company's partners and suppliers. The application wil always run on the latest
version of SQL Server and SharePoint Server. A Datum wants the application to be available to
the users immediately.

A Datum wants a cost-effective solution for the manufacturing plant users to access email and
to view the company's intranet site.

Planned Changes
Currently, the server farm runs entirely on-premises.

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