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Project 1 of 7: Observation Overview
You are a member of the Barstow College Observation Project committee. You are preparing
the initial summary report for this year's count, but have not received all of the data you need to
complete the report.
The multi-departmental Wildlife Observation Project has completed its wildlife population counts
for this year. The counts were made between May 5 and May 7 for both the wilderness and
cultivated land areas. This is in line with the count periods for all previous years. The species
used for the counts have been identified as common for the region (central Missouri) in which
the counts were taken. (Author, 2009)

As in previous years, five observation blinds were set up two weeks before the counts were to
take place. Counters worked eight-hour shifts providing 24-hour coverage of the count areas for
two days. Weather for both observation days was clear and mild (varying between 50-70
degrees F).
The results presented here are summary total results only, which counts from five and ten years
ago provided for comparison. Detailed observation results wil be available as soon as they are
completed. We estimate that they wil be available some time in the next two weeks.

Wilderness Summary
The wilderness observation area is a five-acre section of unimproved forest land. The most
common trees in the area are maple, red oak, cedar, sweet gum, and hickory. The area also
includes a small spring. The area is not enclosed by a fence or other man-made barrier.
The area is located eight miles from the nearest paved road and twelve miles from the nearest
residence. Off-road vehicles were used to bring counters close to, but not entering, the count
area. The nearest approach by off-road vehicles was one mile.
The table below lists the summary counts.