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Though further research any analysis is needed, the drop in mourning dove and bobwhite quail
counts could be significant. The detailed count data shows these numbers failing off each year.

Cultivated Land Summary
The cultivated land observation area is a five-acre section of cultivated land near the center of a
50-acre field. The field is used to grow corn, wheat, soybeans, and clover, with the crop rotated
annually. In the fifth year of the cycle, the field is left fallow.
The area is located two miles from the nearest paved road and one mile from the nearest
residence. A storage barn is located at the southern border of the field. The table below lists the
summary counts.

Additional Notes
This project was initially scheduled to run for ten years, so we are currently in our last year. The
committee needs to decide if it is worth the time and expense to continue the project. The
landowners have experience that they would be happy to let us continue. Costs relating to the
project is minimal and it does provide an opportunity to offer extra credit to students
volunteering as counters.

A suggestion has been made by some committee members that we should increase the count
frequency, counting on a quarterly schedule instead of an annual schedule. This would need to
be coordinated with the owner of the cultivated field so that we do not interfere with planting or
harvesting schedules.
Special Thanks
Once again, we would like to offer special thanks to:
We couldn't do this without you.

Add a SmartArt Vertical Bullet List below the text "Once again, we would like to offer special
thanks to: ". Add the text "Frank Mil er" to the top green shape.


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