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  • Updated On: 29-Sep-2022

You work in the Sales office at You use Microsoft Office Excel 2010 to create
company sales reports.
It is the end of the financial year and you are working on a final sales report for the year. A copy
of the report wil be handed out to Sales Account Managers and Senior Management for
discussion in an annual Sales Review meeting.
There are five worksheets in the workbook, one worksheet for each quarter and a fifth
worksheet with combined totals and analysis of the quarterly figures.
You have entered all the data for each quarter and configured tables for the data. On the fifth
worksheet, you have included graphical representations of the data using various types of
You now want apply a consistent formatting across the entire workbook. You want to give the
workbook a professional look by applying graphics effects, light colors and easy to read fonts.

What is the easiest way to prepare the workbook?

A. You should configure a custom view to the workbook.
B. You should apply a Theme to the workbook.
C. You should use the Cell Styles function.
D. You should select all the cells in the first worksheet and apply suitable formatting. Repeat the
process for the remaining worksheets.

Answer(s): B

You work as the Finance Manager at It is the end of the financial year and you
are auditing the accounts for the last year. You have imported the records from last year's
company bank statements into a Microsoft Office Excel 2010 workbook.
You want to list all payments to a partner company named Weyland Industries with the category
name of Services.

How can you configure the workbook to display only the records that contain Weyland Industries
and Services?

A. You should consider making use of the Sort Ascending function.
B. You should consider making use of the Sort Descending function.
C. You should consider making use of the AutoFilter function.
D. You should consider making use of the Hide function.

Answer(s): C
You work as the Sales Manager at You are using Microsoft Office Excel 2010 to
create a sales report.
The report contains the table shown below.

You want to include a chart in the report to display a graphical comparison of the sales figures
for the sales staff listed in the table.