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Topic 2, Case Study 1

Best For You Organics Company b a global restaurant franchise that has multiple locations. The
company wants to enhance user experiences and vendor integrations. The company plans to
implement automated mobile ordering and delivery services.
Best for You Organics hosts an Azure web app at the URL
Users can use the web app to browse restaurant locations, menu items, nutritional, information,
and company information. The company developed and deployed a cross-platform mobile app.
You must develop a chatbot by using the Bot Builder SDK and Language Understanding
intelligence Service (LUIS). The chatbot must alow users to order food for pickup or delivery.
The chatbot must meet the following requirements:
? Ensure that chatbot endpoint can be accessed only by the Bot framework connector
? Use natural language processing and speech recognition so that users can interact with the
chatbot by using text and voice. Processing must be server-based.
? Alert users about promotions at local restaurants.
? Enable users to place an order for delivery or pickup by using their voice.
? Greet the user upon sign-in by displaying a graphical interface that contains action buttons.
? The chatbot greeting interface must match the formatting of the following example:

Vendor APIVendors receive and provide updates for the restaurant inventory and delivery services by using
Azure API Management hosted APIs. Each vendor uses their own subscription to access each
of the APIs.APLs must meet the following conditions:? API usage must not exceed 5.000 calls and 50.000 kilobytes of bandwidth per hour per
vendor.? If a vendor is nearing the number of calls or bandwidth limit, the API must trigger email
notifications to the vendor.? APIs must prevent API usage spikes on a per subscription basis by limiting the call rate lo 100