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Designing an Azure Data Solution

Exam Set: Design Azure data storage solutions

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Trey Research is a technology innovator. The company partners with regional transportation department office to build solutions that improve traffic flow and safety.
The company is developing the following solutions:

Regional transportation departments installed traffic sensor systems on major highways across North America. Sensors record the following information each time a vehicle passes in front of a sensor:
Location in latitude and longitude
Speed in kilometers per second (kmps)
License plate number
Length of vehicle in meters
Sensors provide data by using the following structure:

Traffic sensors will occasionally capture an image of a vehicle for debugging purposes. You must optimize performance of saving/storing vehicle images.

Traffic sensor data
Sensors must have permission only to add items to the SensorData collection.
Traffic data insertion rate must be maximized.
Once every three months all traffic sensor data must be analyzed to look for data patterns that indicate sensor malfunctions.
Sensor data must be stored in a Cosmos DB named treydata in a collection named SensorData
The impact of vehicle images on sensor data throughout must be minimized.

This solution reports on all data related to a specific vehicle license plate. The report must use data from the SensorData collection. Users must be able to filter vehicle data in the following ways:

vehicles on a specific road
vehicles driving above the speed limit

Planning Assistance
Data used for Planning Assistance must be stored in a sharded Azure SQL Database.
Data from the Sensor Data collection will automatically be loaded into the Planning Assistance database once a week by using Azure Data Factory. You must be able to manually trigger the data load process.

Privacy and security policy
Azure Active Directory must be used for all services where it is available.
For privacy reasons, license plate number information must not be accessible in Planning Assistance.
Unauthorized usage of the Planning Assistance data must be detected as quickly as possible. Unauthorized usage is determined by looking for an unusual pattern of usage.
Data must only be stored for seven years.

Performance and availability
The report for Backtrack must execute as quickly as possible.
The SLA for Planning Assistance is 70 percent, and multiday outages are permitted.
All data must be replicated to multiple geographic regions to prevent data loss.
You must maximize the performance of the Real Time Response system.

Financial requirements
Azure resource costs must be minimized where possible.

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