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Microsoft Power Apps + Dynamics 365 Solution Architect

Exam Topic: Perform solution envisioning and requirement analysis

Testlet 1

Case study Background
Bellows College is a prison program that offers classes to help rehabilitate inmates. The classes teach post- secondary skills to provide more job opportunities for when inmates leave prison. The college stores most information on spreadsheets and in email.

The college wants to implement Dynamics 365 Customer Service so that all locations can look up current data on one unified system.

Three levels of inmates attend the college:

Employees of Bellows College consist of the following:
wardens: supervisors of the guards
guards: single contributors to the system
chief: in charge of the whole college

Each inmate level has two wardens and one chief. Twenty-five guards report to each warden.

Current environment
Employees use a proprietary database to look up inmate information to enter in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Spreadsheets are also used for registration, tracking and for listing the available classes.
Microsoft Office 365 was implemented last year for email.

Misdemeanor and federal inmates can attend any classes available.
Major inmates can attend only online classes.
Inmates must open a ticket with the college to register for a class.
Inmates have homework assignments that they load to a Microsoft SharePoint
All inmates have an email address on Office 365 in the same tenant.


All inmate information needs to be brought into the new system from the proprietary database and kept in sync.
All class lists must be brought into the new system with inmate assignments kept intact.
All special instructions are in separate files on an integrated SharePoint server attached to the class record.
Homework will be held in a Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.
Once an inmate is registered, an email needs to be sent to the inmate.
The system must have a live help function that uses chat (CafeX).
The chiefs want stakeholders to be able to see reports without needing to log in to Dynamics 365
Only the chiefs should be able to see the charges against the inmates.
Inmates will not continue to upload homework to SharePoint, but the homework needs to be accessible within Dynamics 365.
Inmates must see only the registration form when registering for a class.
Chiefs should see all registration forms.
All data older than five years has been maintained in a Microsoft SQL Server database.
Every six months the college receives a new guard list in a CSV file.

Wardens need to see statistics on one page on a daily basis.
A graph of how many inmates have taken classes in the last month, quarter, and year.
The ability to click on the graph and get details about each class.
A list of inmates who have not taken any classes in the last month.
A list of classes that have low registration for the last month and quarter.

Data visibility
Wardens should be able to see only the information their guards put into the system.
Chiefs should be able to see all data in the system.
Guards should be able to see only their own record.
Inmates should be able to see only their own classes and no one else’s information.

Go-live plans
All previous data needs to be in the system before going live.
The college needs to ensure that going live is completed in the time allotted.

In the primary test for data integration, the following issues arise:
Inmate names come in with last names in the first name column.
Registration numbers come incorrectly.
Inmates report seeing different registration forms.

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