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Answer(s): C
You plan to integrate data from an external system into Microsoft Dynamics 365.
You need to create a Microsoft Dynamics 365 field to use for matching records from the external
What should you create?

A. calculated field
B. global option set
C. rol up field
D. alternate key

Answer(s): D
You need to display data that is referenced by a lookup field on a form. Which option should you

A. Quick Find View
B. Associated View
C. Quick View
D. Public View

Answer(s): C
Which statement regarding alternate keys is true?

A. You can define only one alternate key per entity.
B. Alternate keys are enforced when creating records through the user interface, and during
data imports.
C. You can use date and time fields as part of an alternate key.
D. Alternate keys provide a warning if there is a matching record, but stil al ow the record to be

Answer(s): B
You plan to entity mapping to replicate data from a text field between two related entities.
For which scenario can you replicate data?

A. The target field is already mapped to a different source field.
B. The length of the source field is smal er than the destination field
C. The two entities are in a N:N relationship.
D. The new record is created and then related to the parent record


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