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Answer(s): B
You use access teams to assign security permissions.
Which of the fol owing statements is true?

A. Permissions are defined by an access team template that is associated with each record.
B. Permissions are defined by an access team template that spans multiple entities.
C. Permissions are defined by the security role that is assigned to the access team.
D. Permissions are defined by one of the access team templates for the entity.

Answer(s): A
You need to create a business rule for the account entity that runs both client and server side.
Which business rule scope should you use?

A. Al Forms
B. Account
C. Account for Interactive Experience
D. Entity

Answer(s): D
You have a Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. You create and deploy a custom entity.
Which property can you turn off after enabling the property?

A. Connections
B. Feedback
C. Change Tracking
D. Activities

Answer(s): C
You need to grant users the ability to read al accounts in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
Which access level should you apply to the Read permission for the Account entity?

A. Organization
B. System
C. Al
D. Global

Answer(s): A

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