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You are a project manager, and you use Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step for implementations
of Microsoft Dynamics products for your customers.
Your customer's major stakeholders identify significant changes that wil increase the scope
of a project.
Which two risk response strategies for the project definition update should you use? (Each
correct answer presents part of the solution, Choose two.)

A. Exploit
B. Avoid
C. Enhance
D. Transfer
E. share

Answer(s): B, D
Which document should you use to manage project deliverables?

A. project scope statement
B. project objectives
C. technical requirements
D. functional requirements

Answer(s): A
You are a project manager.
You find that the personnel in the Human Resources department are new and not
experienced in project work. You need to manage the project resources to accommodate the
lack of project experience in the project. What should you do?

A. Add more time for the project activities.
B. Release the project team.
C. Document the problem and the impact on the scope of the project to the major
D. Document the impact of the lack of experience on the legal requirements.

Answer(s): A
You are a project manager, and you use Microsoft Dynamics Sure Step Methodology to
manage projects. You need to ensure that quality assurance is part of a project that you are
managing. Which item should you include as part of the project?

A. a comprehensive review with the project stakeholders at the end of the project
B. a review process done at the beginning and checked off at the end of the project with the
project stakeholders
C. quality assurance reviews with stakeholders, scheduled early and often across all project
D. a comprehensive review process performed if problems occur during the project or at a
stakeholder's request

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